Technology in the Classroom

My favorite ways to use technology in the classroom:

Google Classroom: Great way to communicate with both students and parents.

Thinglink: Interactive PDF

Students can hover over the icons for more information, to be connected to a reading or a video – great opportunity for student paced learning.

PearDeck: Google slides add-on that makes the power point interactive.  In the example below, student need to decide what decision they would make if they were president in regards to Westward Expansion.  On the next slide, it will present student answers and provide a chance for discussion.

Strategic Instructional Model

My current school adopted the Strategic Instructional Model by the University of Kansas.  The following is an example of how I have implemented it in my classroom.

“Unit Organizer Front”

Included is vital vocabulary as well as a unit schedule.  Students particularly enjoy the schedule as it includes important dates of projects and assessments.

“Unit Organizer Launch”

This is the first step in introducing the unit.  With student involvement, we go through the Unit Organizer step by step; identifying key topics and color coding vocabulary and self test questions (indications of student knowledge).

“Expanded Map”

On the reverse side is what is known as an “expanded map.” Here students apply their learned material with visuals and annotations.

Strong Classroom Rapport

By spending time at the beginning of the school year, I am able to develop excellent rapport with students.  This creates a strong and productive classroom learning environment.  During this time we create class constitutions, review classroom expectations and practice classroom procedures.

After reviewing expectations, as a class students decide the consequences for not abiding by the rules.  Students are rewarded with “friyay’s” when they have meet classroom expectations for the week.

Pictured are notes left by students on my desk.