Professional Profile

Secondary social studies teacher providing a well-managed, student centered learning environment by utilizing interactive teaching strategies while meeting district standards and maintaining regular communication with parents and administration

Professional Highlights

Nebraska Teaching Certificate  (7-12 Social Sciences)

Grade Levels and Subjects taught (8th US History – 9th US History – 11th World History – 12th American Government – credit recovery and alternative education)

Guest Instructor, Masters Level Course –  Interactive Teaching Strategies

Raise Up Texas, Strategic Instructional Model

Teachers Curriculum Institute Certified Coach

Consultant for Mac/Neil Lehrer Production

Presenter at National Council for Social Studies



Technology in the Classroom

My favorite ways to use technology in the classroom: Google Classroom: Great way to communicate with both students and parents. Thinglink: Interactive PDF Students can hover over the icons for more information, to be connected to a reading or a video – great opportunity for student paced learning. PearDeck: Google slides add-on that makes the …

Mapping the Great East of Taylor Middle School

One of my favorite lesson plans is a mapping activity I have students complete after learning about Lewis and Clark.  During the activity the students are given a set of vague directions and told to map the area.  This year it was photographed and published by the Taylor Press newspaper. Taylor Press Full Newspaper 3-25-18

Professional Developments